ESA Space Scientist Detlef Koschny explains why he originally built Rosetta in LEGO®


Space missions are complicated pieces of orbital choreography. When planning a mission, spacecraft engineers must calculate how to point the solar panels towards the Sun, the main antenna towards Earth and the instruments towards the target. ESA Space Scientist Detlef Koschny build a LEGO model of Rosetta mission in order to visualise these precise orientations.

Copyright © Lightcurve Films/Maarten Roos, ESA, DLR, Europlanet, LEGO

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  1. @RobertGalileo – sorry but the model is not (yet) available, I built it from parts I stole from my kids. We are talking to LEGO, hopefully we'll be able to have this available as a kit at some point. Detlef.

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