ESA Euronews: Unlocking the secrets of the Jupiter’s Icy Moons


In this edition of Space we set a course for Jupiter, destination of the next European Space Agency mission.

The aim of JUICE (JUpiter ICy moon Explorer) is to provide the most comprehensive exploration of the giant planet and, in particular, of its moons; supposedly hiding habitable zones under their icy crusts.

Jupiter is more than eleven times larger than Earth but is mainly made of gas. During its three and a half year mission, which blasts off in 2022, JUICE will travel around the giant planet, studying its atmosphere and three of its planet-sized satellites: Ganymede, Europa, and Callisto.

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  1. Outstanding Report! Thank You!

    Please, though, do hire some properly trained, professional English language narrators. There were many horrible, horrible mispronunciations that sounded like they were from some poorly educated backwater British person. The narrator was easy to understand, but the mispronunciations were painfully sad and highly distracting from the content of the message.

  2. La gran mancha roja se produjo cuando Jupiter se trag? un planeta (una de sus lunas) : AJaja, el movimiento horizontal de la rotaci?n de Jupiter sumado al movimiento de subducci?n del cuerpo hacia el interior del Planeta provocan el remolino ajaj

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