ESA Euronews: The sounds of space


There are many links between music and space. Astronauts like Frank De Winne take their favourite rock music with them to orbit, while musicians on Earth often take inspiration from the stars in their work. Some astrophysicists have transposed plasma waves and electron beams into audible sound.

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  1. From the Voyager recordings to the Earth electroacoustic recordings of Stephen McGreevey, to the Sun's own oscillations, and the chatter from Jupiter via NASA's Radio Jove and Inspire projects, to the sounds of distant pulsars- I've heard quite a bit of it, and often like to talk with others about this underappreciated side of space sciences! With or without atmospheres, space, and the many worlds that accompany it (including our own Earth) is not silent in the least! Most often look up, but fo

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