ESA Euronews: Planck, Higgs and the Big Bang


When it comes to the origins of the Universe, there’s one idea that really captures our imagination: everything, even time itself, started with the Big Bang.

The concept of the Big Bang is difficult to describe and problematic to measure, however that’s exactly what two major projects have set out to do: one on Earth, the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, the other in space, ESA’s Planck mission.

In this edition of Space, Euronews gets to the heart of the matter and attempts to discover how matter and everything in the Universe came into being.

We speak with experts from the CERN, Institut d’Astrophysique de Paris, Sorbonne University and ESA, all studying how the Universe works.

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  1. Your question is an interesting one; and one that theists have been unable to reasonably explain as to the very existence of their supernatural and eternal god hypothesis (failed).Your question and burden of proof is always on anyone (including you) who makes god claims ! I often debate people who claim their eternal gods existence is real; but they all fail on the grounds that their claims are invalid, inaccurate or untrue ! Do you have any valid evidence of a supernatural god being eternal ?

  2. The problem is not a lack of evidence. The problem is interpretation.
    LONG before gravity was "discovered" the earth displayed it's evidence. This evidence failed to prove that gravity existed to those who didn't understand the concept of gravity. The evidence was ALWAYS there but the interpretation wasn't until after Newton.
    If you can't comprehend the concept of "eternal" (few of us can) how do you think you'll be able to interpret evidence confirming the existence of such a being?

  3. Indeed; scientists have developed the Scientific Method (S.M.) to distinguish between amateur "interpretations" and reality. This method (S.M.) is self correcting through peer review, and the best method we have to demonstrate and predict what is real or true. Not supernatural god claims !
    Religious dogma, faith, belief and their notoriously inaccurate "interpretations" of modern science research findings, are demonstrably false. We Humans CAN conceive eternity, reality and truth. We EVOLVE 🙂

  4. Intelligent design is an untenable Hypothesis considered pseudoscience by mainstream scientists.
    So anybody claiming otherwise must produce empirical evidence in order for I.D. to be even considered a Hypothesis. Your logic fail is invalid as your god /I.D./ Eternity/Creationism Hypothesis failed. Therefore it's a Philosophical question; as "irreducible complexity" with "special pleading" are inevitable and insurmountable for theists to overcome. Natural forces created the Universe, no god 🙂

  5. I had a lot of fun making this, and many thanks to CERN, ESA and IAP Paris for their cooperation. The chalk board sequence worked out well; the LHC is an amazing place to film; and the Planck team made an amazing effort to explain their work in a comprehensible way.

  6. Nice Video . It is clearly stated that there is problems with the Theoretical side of physics, to provide mathematical models for the Observed data. To me it seems, getting rid of the hangup on the Big Bang model for just 1 second, would have an interesting result. There are other models like the Hoyles theory, that not impossibly can be associated with the Higgs field .

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