ESA Euronews: Mapping the Milky Way


It has spawned a host of songs from crooners to alternative rock bands. One of the best loved chocolate bars in the United Kingdom is named after it. Yet how much to we really know about the Milky Way and just how important is it?

We could be close to many answers about the galaxy thanks to a new satellite named Gaia, being launched by the European Space Agency.

“One fundamental step to understand our universe is to understand our closer universe, which is the galaxy,” explained Guiseppe Sarri who is the project manager of ESA’s Gaia project.

Gaia will scan the sky with powerful new eyes, mapping the Milky Way in unprecedented detail. It will help produce a detailed 3D image of the galaxy, something which has never been done before.

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  1. We should stop with the hate and lower our pride and see the big picture that we are like an orchestra where every one is singing at a different instrument. The britons and french are good at engineering things, the germans are calculated, the italians are good at designing things, the scandinavians have ingenuity, the russians and some of the eastern european countries are good at mathematics and IT… Every countrie excels in something and i think that together we could achieve any thing.

  2. No! The more videos the better as far as I'm concerned. But when they are bulk uploaded it pushes out other videos from my sub box and I end up missing other videos. I'll just make a different account to sub to channels like you all and others like CERN, NASA, Bad Astronomy, etc.

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