ESA/ESO Asteroid Day 2018 webcast (replay)


On 30 June 2018, the European Southern Observatory (ESO) and ESA teamed up to produce a packed Asteroid Day webcast, streamed live from the new ESO Supernova Planetarium and Visitor Centre in Munich.

The programme featured expert interviews with ESA and ESO scientists, news and updates from Europe’s asteroid hunters and some of the most recent asteroid science results, including the blockbuster news on Oumuamua, the first-ever interplanetary visitor.
The programme also included an interview with ESA astronaut Luca Parmitano on the challenges of future human missions to asteroids, as well as a surprise segment that answered the age-old question: What really killed off the dinosaurs?

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  1. nice and interesting program — but, disappointing how the over production team seems out of sync — microphone problems, cueing mistakes between segments… rather distracting (and surprising!)

  2. This is why live TV is risky- one incompetent person responsible for audio is ruining hard work of whole team.. hope that someone else will adjust microphones of esa astronauts during moon village transmissions.

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