ESA astronaut Andr? Kuipers and astronaut Don Pettit greet WWF


ESA astronaut and World Wildlife Fund (WWF) ambassador Andr? Kuipers and his Expedition 31 crewmate, NASA astronaut Don Pettit, took part in a video call with the WWF annual meeting that took place in Rotterdam, the Netherlands on 8 May 2012.

WWF representatives worldwide heard what Andr? and Don had to say about our planet. Their unique vantage point on the International Space Station and ESA’s Earth observation satellites help us understand how fragile our planet is.

The Dutch branch of the WWF — Wereld Natuur Fonds — is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.

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  1. People in the comment section donate to the European Space Agency and let's see if we can give them enough money that they will start a space Hotel program and if we donate we're technically paying to be in space

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