“Endeavour” roars up to sky with Roberto Vittori and AMS-02


Space Shuttle “Endeavour” was launched to space at 14:56 CEST (12:56 GMT) on 16 May from Kennedy Space Center in Florida.
The 16-day-long STS-134 mission will deliver AMS-02, a big cosmological instrument to the Space Station and its crew includes ESA’s Italian astronaut Roberto Vittori. This is the last flight of “Endeavour”.

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  1. Seriously… ESA, million of dollars budget, and you cant even make a video where there are 2 people NOT talking through each other? Come on…

  2. The world, as a whole, needs to explore space. We are flying through space on a tiny rock, but there is so much we have yet to explore. We need public support if we are to make any progress with space travel and exploration.

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