Bursting Water Pipe


Water is a very unique liquid. Unlike almost every other substance in the world, water actually expands when it freezes. This is very cool because it allows people to walk and skate on frozen lakes while fish are swimming below the ice. But freezing water can also pose a few problems for homeowners and some job opportunities if you’re a plumber.

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  1. The freezing is literally a state change, where the H2O bonds to other H2O molecules. but the way it bonds leaves large spaces (I basically failed A-level Chemistry so I don't remember why). When frozen, bonds form between hydrogran atoms of one molecule and oxygen molecules of another atom. As a liquid, not many of these bonds exist (none exist as a gas). Heating does break the rest of these bonds, but only as water changes to steam, a gas.
    So it's a state change, not a progressive thing

  2. This is over simplified, but an easy way to understand why it expands is imagine each water molecule is a triangle. When it's water, the triangles aren't attached so they're able to fall and settle into a compact shape. However, when it freezes, imagine each of the triangle's points attach to another triangle's points, forming a shape like a Triforce (google it). The huge space in the middle of the triforce symbolizes where the expansion comes from.

  3. I will make sure the pipes in my home never even come close to freezing! Great video….I will link to this video at Test Boost Inc to help students prepare for the SAT Subject Test in chemistry

  4. You ever put a piece of metal in liquid nitrogen for a while then drop said metal on the floor? ?If you get the chance, see what happens. ?I call BS on this video for that reason.

  5. Is liquid nitrogen required for this? I have a few small pipes (5/8" OD steel) that I want to have broken that have that look.
    If I did the same, except filled a the container with water and left outside (its -22 here) – would this work?

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