Battle of Kosovo, 1389 ⚔️ The Last stand of the Christians against Ottoman expansion ⚔️ DOCUMENTARY


🚩 With the decline of the Byzantine Empire, the Bulgarian and Serbian states were gradually losing their power, while the young Ottoman state began its conquest of the Balkan lands. Clashes between Ottomans and Serbs, beginning from the 1350’s, led to the gory Battle of Maritsa on 26 September 1371. Some of the powerful Serbian Principalities became vassals of the Ottoman State, while other rallied under the banner of Prince Lazar to stop the Ottomans in the battle of Kosovo…

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📢 Narrated by David McCallion

🎵 Music:

📜 Research and writing: Srpske Bitke

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  1. 16:00 So Serbians would rather become vassal of Tttomans rather than brethren religion hungarians. Later serbian troops fight for Beyezid against Timur and do heroic last stand protecting the sultan

  2. Major f*cking mistake at 3:58.
    He was not crowned as King of the Serbs in Bosnia. He was crowned "Stefan Tvrtko, po milosti gospoda Boga kralj Srbljem, Bosni, Primorju, Humsci zemlji, Donjim krajem, Zapadnim stranam, Usori, Soli i Podrinju i k tomu",
    Srbljem is NOT people or ethnic group it is LAND that he just conquered, just like everything else on that list.
    He was not crowned by the orthodox church in Milesevo since
    a) his crown was never accepted anywhere
    b) he called himself a divined Catholic
    c) all Bosnian rules were "crowned" in Mile by the Bosnian Church.
    d) there were no orthodox Bosnian rulers
    Yes in one of his charter he said that he is proud of being part Serbian to be eligible for the Serbian crown.
    Furthermore, you contradict yourself with Lazar and Tvrtko "reuniting Serbian lands" and clearly separating Bosnia from Serbian lands… Words like these started the war in the 1990s…

  3. It's ironic that Tvrtko would claim victory since it was his detachment under Vlatko Vuković that gave ground to Bayezid, while Vuk Branković, a man known as the traitor in folk epics, was the one who achieved the most for the Serb side.

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