Battle of Kleidion, 1014 – Basil breaks the Bulgarian Empire – Basil II, the Bulgar Slayer (Part 5)


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🚩 Coming back to you with the next installment of the Basil II, the Bulgar Slayer series. In part 5, Basil decisively defeats Samuel of Bulgaria at Kleidion. The victory was a turning point. It is also during this period that Basil blinded 15,000 Bulgarian troops as punishment, an act that largely contributed to later getting the nickname “the Bulgar-slayer”.

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📢 Narrated by David McCallion

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  1. To do what with the captives? Basil was in a hurry retreating back to Constantinople due to the fear of another ambush, he had not much choice. His men in fact blinded everybody in all campaigns between 1014-1019, be it peasant be it high ranking General

  2. Like a sniper who shoots to wound rather than kill, the blinding of such an enormous number of his enemies’ troops would’ve placed a far greater burden on them than the simple loss of the same number of men: 15,000 men not killed yet still needing to be replaced, requiring either to be euthanised (with all the horrific logistics involved and the damaging consequences to morale) or kept alive, basically doubling the costs of the upkeep of the same number of fighters. Absolutely ruthless and deeply demoralising as well as strategically wounding to his enemies. Shrewd operator.

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