Battle of Calugareni, 1595 ⚔️ Story of Michael the Brave (Part 1/5)


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Michael the Brave (Part 1 of 5)
Michael the Brave (Part 2 of 5)
Michael the Brave (Part 3 of 5)
Michael the Brave (Part 4 of 5)
Michael the Brave (Part 5 of 5)

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➤ Many thanks to Albert Weber, MA, for providing invaluable research material for this video. I highly recommend his books Corpus Draculianum. It’s an outstanding work of research on medieval Romanian history.

➤ Narrated by Alexander Doddy:

➤ Script co-author Albert Weber, MA

➤ Sources:
Deepest thanks to Albert Weber, MA for allowing me to use his own research on this topic, and for pointing me towards most of the sources used for this video. His contribution is truly invaluable.
Europe and the ‘Ottoman World’ – Gábor Kármán, Radu G. Păun, Ovidiu Cristea
Ottoman Plans of Expansion in Hungary in the Fifteen Years’ War – Sándor László Tóth
The History of the Romanians – Constantin C. Giurescu
The Ottoman Empire 1300-1650. The structure of power – Colin Imber
Rising up to the Turkish challenge – Ion Florescu (article)
Conquered by the (S)word: Governing the Tributary Principalities of Wallachia and Moldovia (16th-17th Centuries) – Radu G. Păun
Critical chronology of the rulers of Wallachia and Moldova, 1324 -1881 – Constantin Rezachevici
Roumania. Past and present – James Samuelson

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  1. Interesting how you put one of Europe's greatest heroes in such a bad light, totally ignoring the Ottomans and their destruction. Your video is outrageous and disgusting. Shame on you! The Ottomans were the barbarians not Michael the Brave, and the rest of Europe were traitors, if they helped Mihai when he almost reached Constantinople, Europe would have been free of the Ottoman scourge once and for all.

  2. almost as interesting as this documentary, are the comments. Some of these are so intense that they deserve better goals. We all forget that we are watching the same movie and everyone sees something else. No one will ever get the same perspective!
    Stay calm people, it's just an opinion, when it comes to history, it all depends on who interprets the information. Mistake and pride are human. But you all should not forget that you have bills to pay.

  3. Mihai the coward attacked the Turkish castle Yarkoi in Giurgui and killed 4,000 Turks in it. Ottoman sources confirm that Mihai the coward did not confront the Ottoman army and did not even dare to enter the Ottoman lands but managed to bomb and burn some Ottoman fortresses near the Tune river .. Sinan Pasha and his troops entered Al-Aflaq on 11/8/1595 and did not find any resistance. they entered Bucharest 28 August and Targoviste 5 September but did not find Mihai who fled to Ardal [Transylvania] (…)

    The Ottomans remained 16 days in Eflaq plundering, killing and capturing (45,000 were captured)( …) Sinan Pasha the greedy took fifth of the spoil and ordered the withdrawal (…) Almost all the army crossed after 3 days until Mihai arrived with a large army of tens of thousands consisting of several Mercenaries from Bogdan, Ardal, Lehistan and even from the Germans] were able to bomb the rear of the army during the retreat and killed and drowned several thousand.)

  4. Love the fact that he personally lead his troops to battle unlike most of the kings who lead theire troops from behind theire army… Hell of a way to inspire your troops in battle.

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