Battle of Ager Falernus ⚔️ Hannibal (Part 8) ⚔️ Second Punic War


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➤ Hannibal episode list:

➤ Narrated by Alexander Doddy:

➤ Graphics:
Many thanks to Fabio Naskino Fiorenza for allowing us to use his fantastic Hannibal portrait. Check out more of his work here:

➤ Sources:
“Histories” – Polybius
“Carthage must be destroyed” – Richard Miles
“Fall of Carthage” – Adrian Goldsworthy
“Hannibal’s Oath” – John Prevas

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  2. and now the romans begin to put their boots on hannibals neck

    one thing ive taken from the hannibal story is, he wasnt supported by carthage. i believe he could have taken rome. some highly powerful officials back in carthage didnt believe in him for some reason. even after this incredible success he had be it vs roman conscripts, the element of surprise and one very stupid general at cannae.

    his final undoing was the numidian cavalry switching sides for the romans.
    then latin language influenced western europe conquers and colonizes almost the whole world.

    one man named hannibal, who stupidly decided not to march on rome, and probably some jealous officials in carthage who did not support him, could have changed the way this whole world would be.
    we probably wouldnt be speaking english, and spanish would become extinct.

    thank you hannibal, thank you carthage officials.
    the rest is history.

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