Artemis: crawling towards launch


One of the many milestones in the leadup to the launch of Artemis is its rollout: this is when a crawler will carry the SLS rocket with Orion and ESM from the Vehicle Assembly Building to launchpad 39B. @NASA’s John Giles gives us a tour of the crawler and explains the adaptations made to this “wonderful piece of machinery” since it was first built for the Apollo programme in the 1960s. ESA is playing a key role in NASA’s Artemis programme, which will bring astronauts back to the Moon. The European Service Module – or ESM – will provide propulsion, power and thermal control for the Orion spacecraft.

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Video credits: European Space Agency
Thumbnail image credits: NASA/Leif Heimbold

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  1. This vehicle is basically why scifi has huge crawlers once and awhile. Most notable is the Sand Crawler from Star Wars.

    the C-T is also the largest tracked vehicle in the world, Well actual vehicle in that it runs on its own and is driven. A few bucket wheel excavators are bigger but they have to be lead around by their extension cord connected directly to the power grid.

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