A.I. Artificial Intelligence (2001) – 1215.wmv


2 minute sequence where A.I. – Artificial Intelligence (Kubrick/Spielberg) goes past great movie to true masterpiece. [mild spoiler alert] Note: I do not own the rights. Simply posting in true appreciation of Stanley Kubrick’s vision.

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  1. Btw I don't understand wtf people keep citing the fact that the World Trade Center is represented here followed by a joke, or stupid comment followed by a "lol" or some sh*t like that,..that's DISRESPECTFUL af!!

  2. For me, "A.I." is Steven Spielberg's masterpiece. I remember watching the movie on the theater. When this sequence started, the audience was in absolute silence, not sure if because of the beautiful cinematography, the haunting soundtrack, the intimacy created by Ben Kingsley's voice…, or because we were being aware, perhaps unconsciously, of witnessing one of the most magical moments in the history of cinema. Thank you very much for the upload.

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