50th Anniversary: John Glenn and Friendship 7


NASA celebrates the 50th Anniversary of John Glenn’s orbital space flight. Glenn’s flight ushered in a new era for space travel.
John Glenn, America’s first astronaut to orbit Earth, launched aboard his Friendship 7 Mercury capsule on Feb. 20, 1962. At the end of the mission, Friendship 7 splashed down into the ocean and Glenn was honored by President John F. Kennedy and celebrated as a hero across America.

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  1. It's amazing to think that the tiny laptop that I'm posting this from has hundreds of times the computing power than was involved in the whole Friendship project.

    It's also pretty amazing that the whole thing was a product of Nazi scientists and parts adapted from nuclear weapons. It makes my mind reel that so much malice and hatred lead to one of mankind's greatest moments.

  2. As a student of Aerospace engineering, I take my hat off to those before me and the great successes that they accomplished in the name of science, history, and pride of the human race. The uncertainties were numerous and failure was around every corner and yet they had the courage to continue this epic of space flight. I say Thanks to them for inspiring me to study Aerospace engineering.

  3. @rperez327 I say congrats to someone for taking up Aerospace engineering…or any engineering discipline for that matter. My Dad was a chemical engineer – he had a PHD in Chemical Technology and a degree in Chemical Engineering. He was a maths genious – probably i'd say in the top 2% in the UK. But even he said so few youngsters take up engineering …because of the mathematical content. I'm a software engineer and my maths has improved as a result of the studying –

  4. In this game you really have to want it!! You obviously wanted it enough!!! I watched this documentary the other night on the NASATV website..they were so so helpful in giving me the correct time zone that it was going to be shown and the exact link for the documentary – and i saw it without any hitches at all – only snag was it was 1am here in the UK, but worth the wait!!

  5. Would love to have something to do with rocket science!! Like helping to develop computer systems/database software for European Space Agency ESA – maybe we might get an Euro-nought into orbit….well we can but dream!!!

  6. This is NASA getting their act back together on making media products.

    Been doing some very dorky stuff of late, trying to be modern and 'cool'.

    This is the better way. Loads of new stuff here, very well presented.

    Go NASA, in this direction. Great work here.

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