5 Unbelievable Facts: FAKE? or PHYSICS?


Test yourself with our April Fools’ Day game: Fake or physics?
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More details:
#1. Speed of sound: Unlike light, sound needs a medium to travel through, and its speed depends on characteristics of that medium like density and temperature. In the extreme environment of a neutron star’s core, sound can travel extremely fast. But knowing that sound can’t surpass the speed of light, physicists can narrow down their models of neutron stars to include only those where “extremely fast” is less than light speed.

For more: http://www.phys.utk.edu/news/archives/2015/speed-of-sound.pdf

#2. Invisibility: The invisibility lens pictured in the video was developed at the University of Rochester. For more on how it works: http://www.rochester.edu/newscenter/watch-rochester-cloak-uses-ordinary-lenses-to-hide-objects-across-continuous-range-of-angles-70592/

A more recent attempt at invisibility: https://www.ft.com/content/c6864c76-de7d-11e7-a0d4-0944c5f49e46

#3. Relativity rainbows: A team at MIT created a game called “A Slower Speed of Light” that lets you see the world as you would at near-light speeds. Their trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uu7jA8EHi_0

#4. Acoustic levitation: A demo from Harvard Natural Sciences Lecture Demonstrations: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XpNbyfxxkWE

#5: Quantum cloning: A video from MinutePhysics on why quantum mechanics doesn’t allow cloning: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=owPC60Ue0BE

Host, Producer: Greg Kestin
Researchers: Greg Kestin, Samia Bouzid
Writers: Samia Bouzid, Greg Kestin
Editorial Input from: Julia Cort, Ari Daniel
Filming: Greg Kestin
Editing: Greg Kestin, Samia Bouzid
Media: Hubble, NASA
Special thanks: Entire NOVA team
From the producers of PBS NOVA © WGBH Educational Foundation
Funding provided by FQXi
Ultrasonic Levitation video footage courtesy Harvard Natural Sciences Lecture Demonstrations
Ultrasonic Levitation still courtesy of Argonne National Laboratory
Music provided by APM
Sound effects: Freesound.org

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