Where did the Moon come from? 🌝 #shorts


Explore the mysteries behind the Earth-Moon system’s origin with these four intriguing theories. πŸŒπŸŒ•
Which one do you think holds the key to our celestial companion’s creation?

πŸ“Ή ESA – European Space Agency
πŸ–₯️ ESA / NASA


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  1. A Smaller Hypervelocity object hit the Earth (location Iceland today), passing through the centre of the Earth but not the exact centre – core… and exit wound being Australia (today)… the material it spewed out the same as a bullet enters a human body with a small GSW hole and exits with a large GSW crater… the ejected materials coalesced to form the moon.
    There is No iron on the Surface of the Moon because it sank as the globule radiated heat into space. The outer most shell hardened and the inner still cooling, withdrew leaving many kms gap between the moon's core and surface. Moon rings like a bell because the surface is just a thin as being the same as a bell.
    There are Heavier elements 'in' the moon but Not in the crust. Think of a Pie when bakes and cools… there is a gap between crust and contents. The heavier parts of the pie are in centre not in the cover layer crust.

  2. I like the last theory. But if the moon is the remnant of an asteroid, comet, or some type of interstellar projectile I feel it's too large to leave even bones left on the earth. So, what cataclysmic event destroyed the dinosaurs? it had to be a projectile much smaller. My thoughts.

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