Update on Artemis Program to the Moon at the Eighth National Space Council Meeting


What progress have we made on returning to the Moon to build a sustainable human presence there? Tune in starting at 12:30pm ET, Wed., Dec. 9 for the eighth meeting of the National Space Council, including a news update from Vice President Pence and NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine on our Artemis program to send the first woman and next man to the Moon by 2024. The National Space Council advises the president on America’s space policy and strategy and reviews the nation’s long-range goals for space activities.

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  1. These comments must be so demoralising and sad to read as an American. I know that it's mostly kids, but even then the bigotry and lack of science literacy is really terrible compared to what I'm used to in my home country (Australia). The US needs to prioritise education for a few decades at least. I've noticed that NASA has been producing more simple educational content, which has been great to see.

  2. By the sound of it, it seems like its only the American's.
    What about all the other countries that's involved ?????
    And someone should tell him to put a mask on, when he's walking around near other people.

  3. Interesting that Dr Pace said, "Space does not exist for its own sake, it exists to serve the interests of the nation,..? (2:01:15) Really? Apparently he believes that space did not exist before our nation did and that if our nation went away, so would space. If he believes what he said, I have some news for him…

  4. Looks like SX is going to have to take the lead in Space Transport to Moon, Mars and beyond. I don't expect too much but degeneration from the Crook that will be leading the executive branch.

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