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Steve Spangler is a bestselling author, STEM educator and Emmy award-winning television personality with more than 2,100 television appearances to his credit. Steve appeared as a regular guest on the Ellen DeGeneres Show from 2007-2022. Learn more about Steve at

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The SICK Science® series was created by Steve Spangler.

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  1. You just created your own War, Asking a question like this! I was born into Star Wars! Until it was raped and molested by Disney style opera! Star Trek More "space reality" came into my life 🧬 when I was at a hotel yr-2001 🏨 and accidentally walk into a "Trek Fest" 😮 I was instantly addicted🖖such cool people, I meet a family from (Russia/Ukraine) they invited me into there room and family and even let me borrow a "red trekky suit" lol the ones that die first. I watch Star Trek occasionally to this day, but not Star Wars 😢!

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