The Battle of Wake Island 1941


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Music used:
BTS Prolog – Kevin MacLeod
Echoes of Time – Kevin MacLeod
Hiding Your Reality – Kevin MacLeod
Blue Sizzle – Kevin MacLeod
War Thunder OST – Naval 14

Narrated by Dan Boud –

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  1. I would guess that these ships are not scaled to Wake island and that the size of the ships are for are visual the viewer… Can anybody confirm that or the ship's actually the size that they represent…tanks

  2. My great uncle was a civilian construction worker on Wake Island. He was captured by the Japanese and taken to A pow camp near Japan . When repatriated after the war he weighed 98 pounds. He went on to have a long life. During the war the US Navy used Wake as a practice bombing range for new carrier aircraft. This helped lead up to the massacre of the remaining American kept on Wake as slave labor. It was Marines who guarded the island.

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