The Battle of Issus 333 BC


Short animation covering details of one of the greates victories of Alexander the Great. Near the ancient town of Issus Macedonian army encountered forces led by Darius III Codomannus, the King of Persian Empire. Thanks to this victory, Alexander was able to expand his Kingdom eastwards and cross into Syria.

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  1. To be honest Darius was really the OG here, given Alexander free Victories!

    Alexander as soon as a gap opened up he flanked… Our great Darius, on the other hand, had many opportunities flank and encircle the phalanx yet he didn't, and he didn't try to enforce his right flank!

    I think he was too much involved in the centre he didn't have a broad idea of what's happening at all!

  2. While these videos are extremely well done, it should be pointed out that it's freaking CAVALRY, NOT cal-vary!  A channel dedicated to accurate representations of battles should know better!

  3. Alexanders strategy is not rocket science or even special. Seems he relies on his superior trained cavalry to break through the opposing cavalry to win the flank everytime. Philip's general Parmenion holding the other flank is crucial aswell. Alexander was ambitious and daring, but his father doesnt get enough credit.

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