The Battle of Bouvines 1214 AD


Episode covers Anglo-French war fought by kings Philip Augustus and John Lackland. The conflict leads to the decisive Battle of Bouvines, which changed the course of history of Western Europe.

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Music used:
BTS Prolog – Kevin MacLeod
Impact Allegretto – Kevin MacLeod
All This Scoring Action – Kevin MacLeod
Impact Andante – Kevin MacLeod
Instinct – Bensound

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  1. "On the right the English knights were better than the french one but their commander was suddenly captured and they inexplicably fled". English version.
    "On the right the English were beaten losing their commander and fled, provoking the defeat of the whole allied army" French version.
    Guess which one is more probable?

  2. Some additional informations:
    Anjou, Poitou and Normandy were much richer countries than England. The main noble families had domains both in England and France.
    So John Landless had to collect all the money he could from England to fix the financial loss, prepare an army and bribe alliances.
    Bouvines and Roche aux Moines were a turning point, most noble families chose to submit to Philippe and stay in France, leaving the english barons, their local proxies, empoverished and without hierarchy.
    (It was the second time after the departure of the Romans that England was considered not worth the pain and left on its own by the elite class. This is the enduring trauma of England, who try to rewrite its history as central eversince).
    For a century England will be the wet backyard of Europe, without diplomatical influence and provider of raw wool to the Flemish industry.
    A good for a bad, the penniless barons revolted against John pretense of renewed taxes for future war. Without grandees (stayed in France), they were too numerous to organize the usual government of a dozen Peers (like in 10th c. France or in 11th-16th c. German Empire) and asked instead for a collective guarantee of their rights: the Magna Carta, the frst of this kind between a sovereign and his esquires.

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