The Arctic: a delicate icy ecosystem


The Arctic is one of the most rapidly changing regions in the world. Diminishing sea ice, thawing permafrost and melting glaciers are all direct effects of rising global temperatures – driven by human-made emissions. Learn more about how satellites flying 800 km above our heads can help us monitor and understand the changes occurring in this remote region.

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  1. the most important consequence no one is talking about with arctic sea ice disappearing is the loss of the ocean's main food source at the base of all ocean creature's food chain. The loss of Krill and Plancton.

  2. The Anthropocene epoch … Increase his toolbox to the detriment of the Earth … We are far from the mastery of fire $
    Protect the Arctic, protect the Earth, we are only of passage … our footprint is legible today and it will remained readable for the next generations … Shame on the narrow-minded $

    Try to looks the others exoplanets with Kepler and No One EXCEPT The Earth looks to have good chocolate and coffee plants πŸ™‚

    SO ''Save the Arctic'' !! For Us … and all living species on this beautiful planet !!!! Peace

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