Thanks To Gaia We Now Know Exactly Where 1.7 Billion Stars Are In The Milky Way


The European Space Agency just dropped an enormous amount of data onto the scientific community. The location and position of 1.7 billion stars in the Milky Way.

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  1. How can you follow the earth around the sun if the sun is in the firmament the sun and moon are in a dome called the firmament with water on the outer side of the firmament the stars are fixed in the firmament only a few stars are free moving the earth is flat and does not rotate the firmament rotates

  2. Question: When astronomers say, the Milky Was has "100 to 400 billion stars", do they mean the literal number of stars, most of which are tiny red dwarfs? Or do they mean Milky Was has "100 to 400 billion masses of our sun" in the form of stars (which would make a bigger number)?

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