Space station spacewalks on This Week @NASA


A Feb. 18 briefing at Johnson Space Center previewed a series of U.S. spacewalks to prepare the International Space Station for new docking ports that will allow future crews launched from Florida, on U.S. commercial spacecraft to dock to the station. On the first EVA, scheduled for no earlier than Feb. 21, NASA astronauts Barry Wilmore and Terry Virts will prepare cables and communications gear for the two new International Docking Adapters, built by Boeing and scheduled for delivery on a pair of SpaceX flights this year. The other spacewalks are slated for Feb. 25th, and March 1. Also, Final Automated Transfer Vehicle, Progress supply ship to ISS, Magnetospheric Multiscale mission, Orion chutes in the wind, Pegasus modifications and more!

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    NASA, Вие сте невероятни в изследването на космическо пространство.  Имате прекрасен усмихнат ден. Чудесно видео. Благодаря!

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