Space Station Astronauts Make Safe Landing on This Week @NASA – September 11, 2015


Aboard the International Space Station, the Expedition 45 crew – including new Commander Scott Kelly and Kjell Lindgren of NASA, said goodbye to Gennady Padalka of the Russian Federal Space Agency, Andreas Mogensen of ESA (European Space Agency) and Aidyn Aimbetov of the Kazakh Space Agency (Kazcosmos) as the trio climbed aboard their Soyuz spacecraft for the return trip to Earth. The Soyuz landed safely in Kazakhstan on Sept. 11 Eastern time, Sept. 12 in Kazakhstan — closing out a 168-day mission for Padalka and an 8-day stay on the station for Mogensen and Aimbetov. Also, First Orion crew module segments welded, SLS Launch Vehicle Stage Adapter, New Ceres imagery, New Horizons update, 9/11 tribute and National Preparedness Month!

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  1. Anyone know why their was visiting crew and why Gennady Padalka came home on a different Soyuz to the one he went up in? it just seems a bit strange did one craft only fly up their with 2 men (thought that was frowned upon for safety and cost reasons), was there only 2 visiting crew members I though there was 3 but only two have cam home so far?

    also I always thought that the seats for every Soyuz where build specifically for each person, so my seat wouldn't real fit someone else perfectly?

  2. Is there gonna be another press conference on the new Pluto data sometime in the near future?
    I'd really love to hear the mission scientists talk about what they see in the images and what other interesting data has been down-linked so far,

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