Space Launch System milestone on This Week @NASA – August 29, 2014


On August 27, NASA announced a milestone in development of the Space Launch System heavy-lift rocket. The completion of a rigorous review known as Key Decision Point C, or KDP-C, means NASA can transition from formulation to development of the rocket that will send humans beyond Earth orbit and to Mars. KDP-C outlines a conservative development cost baseline and a launch readiness schedule based on an initial SLS flight no later than November 2018. This marks the country’s first commitment to building an exploration class launch vehicle since the Space Shuttle Program. Also, 3-D printed rocket injector test, SLS scale model test, Composite fuel tank tests, Crossing Neptune’s orbit, New Horizons: Continuing Voyager’s legacy and more!

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  1. SLS is off the drawing board time to build it the Tank Barrels are assembled and have been pressure tested now is time to transport them to the Vertical Integration Cell or VIC where the core will be assembled and painted and when it is ready the fuel tanks left over from the Shuttle days will be moved into the core and secured and when that is done the core will be transported to Stennis and the engines attached and the rocket fueled and placed on the A1 Test Stand when that is done the core will be transported to Kennedy and sent to the VAB and built into a rocket.       

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