Siege of Paris 845 AD


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  1. i would be interested to know your sorces could you please indicate them?
    as far as i know, charlemagne did have three sons and ragnar (lothbrok) is more a legendary mythical figure than historical.

  2. I wonder if that island outside Paris where the captives were executed was the same island where the Templars were executed. If so, I wonder if Ragnar's men set the precedent, or if it was already a precedent to execute there and somehow Ragnar knew it.

  3. Charles was nammed "the bald" because once he shaved his hair as a sign of submission to the church. At this time, according to Frankish traditions, you couldn't be King without long hair.

  4. If it was Ragnar Lothbrok he later met his end in England when he had to fight against real soldiers rather than just butchering peasants.Tradition has it that he was thrown into a pit of snakes by the Earl of Northumbria.

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