Siege of Orleans, 1428 βš” How did Joan of Arc turn the tide of the Hundred Years’ War?


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🚩 Since Henry V invaded France in 1415, England conquered a large part of northern France, and by 1428 they were besieging the city of Orleans. In this dark hour, France’s fortunes were transformed by the inspirational leadership of a young woman, Jeanne d’Arc. The fight back was on!

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πŸ“’ Narrated by David McCallion

πŸ“ Written by Jonathan Woody

🎼 Music:

πŸ“š Sources:
Joan of Arc: A History by Helen Castor
The Agincourt War: A Military History of the Hundred Years’ War from 1369 to 1453 by Alfred H. Burne
The Hundred Years War, Volume 4: Cursed Kings by Jonathan Sumption

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  1. I find it hard to beleive that she took a crossbow to the throat and kept on fighting the next day. Perhaps the arrow grazed her neck or hit the shoulder as in Luc Bessons movie…

  2. Wonderful documentary! As a French, it was really funny to hear French names and cities being butchered for 30 mins! Just as a clarification, the famous knight La Hire's name is simply pronounced as La-E-R (he is well known by age of empires 2 players)

  3. Lady Joan of Arc is still one of my most favourite historical figures. Was she speaking to God or was she just a paranoid schizophrenic at the right place and time? Either way, her bravery in battle and her uttermost devotion to her cause at such a young age, not to mention her horrific death, must ensure that she remains in our memory permanently

  4. 21:09 is why Joan did what she did. She heard a story that an armored maiden from Lorraine would save France. She said to herself: I'm from Lorraine. Charles needs legitimacy. I just got an idea!

  5. Im from montargis im proud if my city and its good old castle and great walls were i was in school during my late 10yo to my late 14yo πŸ’ͺ mao zedong lived in montargis during is childhood that’s with he really liked france and louis 14 meet is futur wife in montargis and joan of arc passed through montargis to crown charles 7 king of france
    Montargis is a history crossroad city that as influence france and china and so with it the world

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