Sentinel-6: charting sea level


In a cleanroom in Ottobrunn, Germany, the latest Copernicus Sentinel satellite is ready for final testing before it is packed up and shipped to the US for liftoff next year. Designed and built to chart changing sea level, it is the first of two identical Sentinel-6 satellites that will be launched consecutively to continue the time series of sea-level measurements. This new mission builds on heritage from previous ocean topography satellites, including the French–US Topex-Poseidon and Jason missions, previous ESA missions such as the ERS satellites, Envisat and CryoSat, as well as Copernicus Sentinel-3. With millions of people around the world at risk from rising seas, it is essential to continue measuring the changing height of the sea surface so that decision-makers are equipped to take appropriate mitigating action – as is being currently highlighted at the COP-25 Climate Change Conference in Spain.

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  1. I have a lot of periods of heavy depressions, but somehow, watching these videos about space and our future in space, helps. I see international relationships that has no borders on the ISS, i see all the colors in the every single spectrum one can imagine, i see planets and moons and stars of all sizes and colors. I see people, flying weightless in space while researching some of the most important things, possibly. I see brilliant engineers that put their minds to their best and construct amazing constructions and engineering wonders, not even knowing if they will succeed. They all believe we can succeed, one way or another, and it is truly admirable. Even in face of failure, and even facing death as a worst outcome, they keep going, and keep trying. My hat is off in the humblest of ways to those who become astronauts and those who work with them to make all this possible.

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