Sengoku Jidai: Battle of Okehazama 1560


Third installment of Japanese Sengoku period video series.

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Music used:
Jeff Van Dyck – The Shoto
Jeff Van Dyck – Shogun 2 Main Theme
Jeff Van Dyck – For the Daimyo
Jeff Van Dyck – Heavy Bune
Jeff Van Dyck – Stalemate
Impact Andante – Kevin MacLeod
BTS Prolog – Kevin MacLeod

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  1. Thanks Baz again for the shoutout.
    Once again I'm here to answer simple questions you might have.
    If you have complicated questions please post to Reddit's Askhistorian section.

  2. 非常牛逼啊,比看过任何视频都要好。详细解说了双方的兵力,实际上奇袭时双方兵力差距并不大。但是信长这边都是敢死队。

  3. wouldn't it be nice to control the capital (kyoto)? which right now are puppets with no one controlling them.

    this clan (imagawa) is ready to make a run for it, but first they have trample this smaller clan which is in the way..


    smaller clan wins.

  4. Imagawa Yoshimoto: "Wow, Oda Nobunaga is charging uphill against my larger army!" hits auto-resolve

    Imagawa Yoshimoto: loses

    Imagawa Yoshimoto: "FFFFFFUU…"

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