Sengoku Jidai: Battle of Anegawa 1570


Fifth installment of Japanese Sengoku period video series.

Previous episodes:
1. Onin War 1467-1477 ►
2. Battle of Miyajima 1555 ►
3. Battle of Okehazama 1560 ►
4. Battle of Kawanakajima 1561 ►

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Music used:
Jeff Van Dyck – The Shoto
Jeff Van Dyck – Shogun 2 Main Theme
Jeff Van Dyck – For the Daimyo
Jeff Van Dyck – Heavy Bune
Jeff Van Dyck – Akumajo
BTS Prolog – Kevin MacLeod

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  1. Hi everyone!
    It's me again. If this battle seems…different than what you're used to (like maybe what's on Wikipedia), it's because, as always, we are only using the most trustworthy of primary sources and modern examination of them. In this case, the depiction here is based on the Chronicles of Lord Nobunaga (Shinchōkōki), supplemented by surviving letters of the battle's participants, including but not limited to a very brief report of the battle to Shōgun Yoshiaki from Nobunaga himself. In fact this video directly quotes a line from the English translation of the Chronicles at 10:07. These sources clearly contradict the traditional depiction in enough places that I've made the decision to use new revisionist theory based on the Chronicles instead.

    There's also a mistake in the video. At 6:25, Nobunaga is depicted as running back to Gifu via the Nakasendō highway. He in fact turned southeast from Kannonji Castle towards Hino Castle in order to escape the trap set for him. From there he entered the Chikusa road into the mountains directly east just before his enemies could block his path, almost got shot by a sniper in the mountain but got out the other side into Ise, and then north back to Gifu. I did not catch this mistake until too late, for which I apologize.

    Also 6:08, we meant Nobunaga marched east. I totally didn't catch that. Oops!

    Once again, I am here to answer any simple questions. Please post complicated questions to reddit's Askhistorians.

  2. A bit of extra information here
    Motoyasu was Nobunaga's childhood friend (as he was his father's "hostage" after kidnapped by his own guards. Mikawa is still arguably stronger than Owari at that point, so forcing them into an alliance would be impossible.
    Taking Mino would've always been the priority for Nobunaga since his father in law was killed by his brother in law, and even before that his wife said that she would assassinate him if he was unable to take over Mino, the heart of Japan.

  3. please continue with this series, its a great channel and the fact that uve included non-western battles is a great addition so pls finish the entire sengoku period if possible. obviously sekigahara is a must in the series

  4. Ashikaga Yoshiaki actually enlisted help from the Asakura after he realized Oda Nobunaga was going to be a huge threat to him. He used Oda Nobunaga to become shogun and then realized he would probably be his puppet. The Asakura realizing this was Nobunaga's plan from the beginning were more than happy to attack Nobunaga and strip him of his ever growing power and influence that was beginning to threaten all of them.

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