Second Battle of Philippi, 42 BC ⚔️ Rise of Caesar Augustus (Part 5) ⚔️ Ancient History DOCUMENTARY


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🚩 Just two years after the assassination of Julius Caesar, the Second Battle of Philippi, 42 BC was a climactic encounter that saw the final destruction of those who favored the old Republican constitution of Rome.

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📢 Narrated by David McCallion

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  1. I don't know why but I hate Octavian. It might be the arrogance he displayed despite his millitary incompetence. People say he was political genius better than Ceasar but I have not heard any of his great political endeavours that rivalled Ceaser's. I think he was just a brat who got too much lucky. Moreover, him not respecting those he had defeated in battle, gives off a bad general vibe.

  2. Finally. It had been some really odd moments waiting for you as well as Oversimplified not releasing vids. Thank God here's a gem !

  3. Really valuable content, i discovered the channel yesterday and i'm already after a solid marathon.  Probably in the comments there are many suggestions for new films. I will also throw something from myself. It would be great to see an analysis of the Siege of Vienna from 1683. A very important battle for both sides. For Christians, it meant removing the threat of further Ottoman conquests in Europe, for Ottomans a gradual degradation of their influence in Central Europe over the next centuries

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