Rosetta’s science


Rosetta is a science mission and it is using 21 onboard instruments (11 on the orbiter, 10 on the lander) to explore two key scientific questions: did water on Earth come from comets and did comets help kick start life on Earth?

Since Rosetta came out of hibernation in January, we now know comet 67P/Churyumov Gerasimenko’s mass (around 10 billion tonnes), shape (rubber duck) and rotation (every 12 hours and 24 minutes). Its cameras have shown gas and dust streaming away from the comet, locating areas of activity and imaging them for the first time. The orbiter has also captured dust grains and detected water and gases in the comet’s atmosphere or coma.

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  1. Putting the lander on the surface of the comet will be a great technical achievement and I can't wait to celebrate the science results because I know that ESA has the technical knowledge, the right people, and the skill to make it happen!  Go ESA!

  2. That steam is hilarious lmao. Water, nitrogen and oxygen probably were created by solar plasma fusion. The same way they are created on comets electrochemically. During electrical discharge machining or rather erosion, caused by positively charged particles expelled by our sun then discharging to a negatively charged body. In 67Ps case now and earth a long time ago. Dusty Iceball theory resulted through a narrow focus on a Newtonian gravity cosmology which excludes all other sciences… Except for now with astrophysics or creation conforming mathamagic. Necessary to explain observations that contradict a gravity driven cosmology. I.e. In the beginning there was nothing… Then nothing exploded. Do you believe in faries? Because that's what that is. A fairytale. Just because tweakable math most cannot understand may sound reasonable, doesn't make it true.

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