Philae’s mission at comet 67P


Extended version of Philae touchdown animation to include visualisations of some of the science experiments on the lander.

The animation begins with the deployment of Philae from Rosetta at comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko in November 2014. Rosetta will come to within about 10 km of the nucleus to deploy Philae, which will take several hours to reach the surface. Because of the comet’s extremely low gravity, landing gear will absorb the small forces of landing while ice screws in the probe’s feet and a harpoon system will lock the probe to the surface. At the same time a thruster on top of the lander will push it down to counteract the impulse of the harpoon imparted in the opposite direction. Once it is anchored to the comet, the lander will begin its primary science mission, based on its 64-hour initial battery lifetime. The animation then shows five of Philae’s 10 instruments in action: CIVA, ROLIS, SD2, MUPUS and APXS.

Rosetta’s Philae lander is provided by a consortium led by DLR, MPS, CNES and ASI.

Also watch:
Philae touchdown animation:
Philae’s panoramic camera (CIVA):
Science on the comet:

Credits: ESA/ATG medialab

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  1. how about yous tell the ppl what thay realy spent all that money for .COMETS DONT SEND SIGNALS AND 67P DOES .NOW TELL EVERY ONE THE REAL REASON  ESA .YOU DUMB ASS HOLES

  2. To me it seems like this.
    The Comets Jets.

    A Comet is synonym with a Meteor, that is a ancient planetal body residue. Only the Comet has another orbit . It is not just frozen ice or CO2, earth molecules , complex minerals , metals and might even be crystals . The different materials inside the Comet is heating up at different tempratures, as the Comet arrives closer to the IR waves, emitting from the Sun. Some of the atoms and molecules with LOWEST boiling point will start to cook. And then expand in volume. Cracking holes in stones and digging tunnels in the crust from the comet inside, to the surface. The Heated Molecules is then Ejected, as a Jet called Coma from the Comet.

    It is clear that Force of Gravity pull onto the Comet has completely different effects than the Force of light waves expanding from the Sun, affect the Comet object. Gravity is responsible for the Orbit around the Sun. But the Coma is always pointing away from the Sun no matter how the Comet is rotated on its own axis. It is the comets position in relation to the Sun that determines the direction of the Coma Jets. The Coma is directed exacly in the direction of the Solar waves or Sun stream projection, A Radius line stretched from the sun through the Comet Gives the direction of the Coma. Meaning they are related, or appearing so. Was it not for the Solar streams the Coma would not look like that … The Jet or Coma does not follow the trajectory of the Comets orbit. Might the Ejected Particles be Electrically connected to the Solar Waves ?



  3. Philae is a hero from now on. His statue should be erected on the most center of Europe. And my last sentence is Nasa eats the testicle of Esa. Greetings from Turkey.

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