No planet B


A message from ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst from on board the International Space Station to mark the start #COP24, the UN Climate Change Conference taking place in Katowice, Poland.

From his vantage point on the Space Station, Alexander explains how from space he can see Earth’s beauty, but also the fragility, “It is crystal clear from up here that everything is finite on this little blue marble in a black space, and there is no planet B.

This Space Station shows what is possible through cooperation across borders and generations. In 20 years of partnership we have carried out 100-fold more scientific research and exploration to benefit humanity than a single nation could do alone. I hope that same spirit of collaboration can help you find the best way forward.”

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  1. Technically going to different planets is more important than staying the same . reason? If humans are still alive in a lot of years going to a different solar system would be really needed cuz the sun would kill us . but currently yes earth needs care even if we have a planet b .

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