NASA Spacecraft Reveals Changes at Solar System’s Edge


For the first time, NASA’s Interstellar Boundary Explorer, or IBEX, spacecraft reveals changing conditions at the edge of our solar system. The heliosphere changes size through the solar cycle, which affects the number of cosmic rays that reach Earth. Scientists now have a better understanding of the dynamic nature of our home in the galaxy.

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  1. Stop thinking of the solar system as a static clock face model and imagine the sun hurtling though space pulling all the planets along BEHIND it in spiralling orbits. It requires a big paradigm shift, will would explain the 'ribbon' of particles observation. Imagine the Earth not only spinning on its axis, but also moving in a spiral trajectory TOWARDS the sun, which as it moves creates a vortex which pulls all the planets along and keeps them spinning. We only get to see the back side of Sun.

  2. And, in this hypothesis, the solar wind only streams behind the sun in our direction, not ahead of the sun. If the sun is moving fast in a perceptible direction, then the earth would have to go twice as fast to get round in front of it, wouldn't it?

  3. Is What they are saying is that we are enclosed in an ameba like capsule that has a comet like shape( the ork cloud)? An this shell is a protective coating to the dangers outside our solar system. It appears to have a thin strip which has developed. And they don't know why. Our earth has a similar comet like shell to protect us from the sun's radiation. We are traveling it appears to me with the sun as the point of the bullet and us in our respective orbits as a sort of cascading expansion.

  4. WTF was this supposed to be? Science? and this is NASA? ummmmmmmm……yet another one of those what's going on today moments I guess. This is IMPORTANT information that doesn't seem to be covered SCIENTIFICALLY anywhere and this is about as informative as, well, a muted documentary on what's going on with our solar system changes. Lot's of pretty pictures and……………………………………………………..

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