NASA Asteroid Initiative Opportunities Forum


The Asteroid Initiative Opportunities Forum at NASA Headquarters provided status updates from the ongoing Asteroid Redirect Mission concept and extensibility refinement to expand on the Broad Agency Announcement (BAA), which is a follow-on step from the 2013 Request for Information in mission planning activities. The event also highlighted opportunities for public engagement in the mission and activities associated with the agency’s Asteroid Grand Challenge.

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  1. I am thinking about robots made form fiberoptics so they can handel higher temperatures and high radiation levels like comets grasp from the sun approcing Venus orbids and Mars orbids. 

  2. so your not really going to the fucking asteroid? whats the point then why not just send it back to earth with out astronauts? A real proving ground would be going to the real asteroid………..

  3. after some success with missions like these, nasa needs to investigate ways to monetize something in space exploration because government investment wont be enough to push space exploration ahead ,bar a second cold war/space race scenario.

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