Napoleon’s First Victory: Siege of Toulon 1793


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Toulon 1793: Napoleon’s first great victory:
French Revolutionary Infantry 1789-1802:
Napoleon’s Guns 1792-1815 (1): Field Artillery:
Napoleon’s Guns 1792-1815 (2): Heavy and Siege Artillery:

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  1. To be fair I’m just a 11 year old so I don’t really have much knowledge. So this is probably the reason why Toulon let the British in.

    Even during Anglo French rivalry Toulon didn’t really get involved. From my knowledge, they never got involved in the 100 year olds or other wars leading up to the battle. (I think There is a time when they get involved but Idk) so Toulon would defect since they think that the revolution was BS. And yeah they might as well join Britain cuz the city had never got in the whole ‘Anglo french rivalry’ thus they didn’t hate tea man (Britain)

    Welp I hope this theory was good 🙂

  2. It can't be Napoleon who made Europe at war with France. It was those who guillotined the king. I knew this coz I watched Kings and Generals and they said " They will declare war on France if anything happened to the King. "

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