Monitoring air quality


Featuring how the Sentinel-5P mission of the European Union’s Copernicus Programme has become a game-changer for monitoring our atmosphere while being one of the most important sources of data for the Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service.

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  1. Gostei de conhecer o Sentinel-5P!! Este satélite é um importante meio de saber é prevenir…serve de ponte para nos apelar à atenção das verdadeiras causas … O modelo de desenvolvimento económico e de consumo é insustentável …que também mata!! Estamos em alerta vermelho os níveis de poluição são bem notáveis!! Porque o planeta está em conflito e nós também, estreitam-se as asfixia!! O ar é uma identidade nossa em simbiose com a Terra que funciona como terapia e temos que saber ganhar mais do que estamos a perder!! Obrigado ESA pela atenção a este assunto!!!

  2. As always.. Brilliant ESA 🍃🌹🍃 under lockdown the air quality has improved so all we need now is a Rocket Scientist that provides us with New Typ ofAirplanes … humm.. car batteries reloaded themselves
    I wonder💡👀.. 💕🍃🌍🍃💕 ✌😊
    Thank you for sharing & careing .. Stay safe everyone 🌞

  3. Must admit the air is so much cleaner at night you can see all the stars ✨ the earth 🌍 needed to repair itself thankyou for doing such amazing job I’ve learnt lot from you all you stay safe 🪐🌒🌍💫🚀🛰

  4. NASA, ESA, ISRO, CSA,ROSCOSMOS,ect. Inspire me the most, I'm 12 and I wanna be a astranaut in future please can anyone tell me how can I become. ESA is a great inspiration for everyone who are interested in space, I also watch all you Instagram stories and posts. Love you ESA

  5. How can I download Sentinel-2 L1 scenes from past years?

    I am working on my thesis to characterize an annual cyclical phenomenon in a lake in Mexico and it has been a headache not to have scenes since 2016.

    I don't know who else to ask, I hope someone can answer my questions 🙁

  6. ESA work so hard its an inspiration. They strive to produce the best information and their experiments are a cut above the rest as you can see just how much ESA really cares for our Earth. I would love to work with them oneday to monitor air quality and help to design management of this task. Thank you guyz! U all Rock-it

  7. Monitoring air quality has become extremely essential these days for various healthcare reasons. I was reading the other day about apps that can tell us about air quality (Weather Channel, Accuweather, Climacell etc.) and how they get information from the space as well as almost everything that is connected to the internet. While these are the precautions, there is hardly any solution other than self-care.

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