Mongol Invasions of Hungary and Poland DOCUMENTARY


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Our animated historical documentary series on the Mongol Invasions continues with a video on the 2nd and 3rd invasion of Poland, 2nd invasion of Hungary, Berke-Hulagu War and the exploits of Nogai khan, who played a crucial role in the history of Eastern and Southern Europe

Previous videos on Mongol invasions:

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The script for this video was developed by Jack Wilson – The Jackmeister. Check out his channel dedicated to the history of the Mongols: This video was narrated by Officially Devin (

Script and sources:

Machinimas were made on Total War: Attila engine by MalayArcher (

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  1. My ancestors come from Prußia and are registered and known since 1268. Some still have the so called Prußian eye lid, which is an Asian inheritance. In my family we came to the conclusion that 800 years ago some family members had relations with a Mongol person. I should consider a DNA test to see if this is true.

  2. I am glad finally this series of video came out to literally document the history of Mongol invasion.
    "Scratch a Russian and you'll find a Tatar", but not in 95% of China population(the biggest ethnic group, Han). Long time Chinese were wronged to be Mongolian. However, same as what happened in Europe in 13th century, China(the Song Dynasty) was invaded by Mongol and was conquered, and people in Song Dynasty were officially treated to be the lowest class of the Mongol Empire. Main body of Chinese people were the exact victims of Mongol invasion. In Chinese Han ethnic group's tale, evil daemon comes from the north. In Korean tale, evil daemon comes from the west. In Europe tale, evil daemon might come from the east. All are telling the same thing.That was a miserable, horrible time. My family book told me that my ancestor and his brother were killed by Mongolian with four limbs cut.
    People can tell Chinese Han people are quite different from those north people who liked to invade other countries. Chinese people were lived on agriculture, raising plants, and lacking of horses and oxen. Chinese people used cities to defend themselves, because of lacking of horses, they did not have capability to move the army to Europe. By face appearance, Chinese Han people are more similar to Korean, Japanese and Vietnamese.

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