Mars Mission Briefed on This Week @NASA


During a news briefing at NASA headquarters officials and scientists discussed MAVEN, the agency’s next mission to Mars. Scheduled to launch November 18 from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida, MAVEN will study the history and change of Mars’ atmosphere, climate, and planetary habitability. Also, Bolden visits Langley, Power Up, Solar Flares, A busy time!, Free flight and Ice Flight!

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  1. To me, it's so Vital and Hugely Important the the very soon coming-up Launch of the MAVEN Mars explorer probe seems to be in according to the former made-up time schedules, and really take place the 18:th of Nov despite the VERY unfortunate Govermental shut-down break; it is in fact a Solid proof that NASA still has got the Financial Muscles and capacity to catch-up surprisingly Good on unpredicted lost precious working time! 
     – Tobbe in Sweden – 

  2. The secret government has 17 bases on Mars. Seems they are searching for a way to bring that to the public. Read channelings, there they explain all that is happening. And shut down NASA and give the homeless the money. Save lifes and avoid corrupt people continuing on their dark path.

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