Juno to Jupiter on This Week @NASA


The successful liftoff of the Juno spacecraft from the Kennedy Space Center begins a five-year cruise to the planet Jupiter to investigate the planet’s structure, atmosphere and magnetosphere.
It will also provide detailed images of Jupiter’s surface and capture the first high-resolution views of its poles. Also, possible Martian water flows; Vesta’s new look; oxygen in space; and, Columbia debris. Plus, HQ crew visit; Russians spacewalk; SOFIA ambassadors; new Apollo 15 book; and dunk tank for food.

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  1. @CashCreep indeed. too bad we don't have the drive that they used to have in times past. in the 60s, kennedy said he was making landing a man on the moon by the end of the decade a matter of national importance and it was done. additionally, the money was provided to actually make that vision a reality. with the current round of regressive political rhetoric in washington, i don't see that coming even near happening.

  2. @CashCreep I find this comment rather amusing, maybe because it has so many thumbs up. If you look at the astronaut corps, you'll find that half of them are in the military… πŸ˜‰

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