Hundred Years’ War: Battle of Crecy 1346 DOCUMENTARY


The Hundred Years’ War of 1337-1453 between France and England is one of the most crucial conflicts in the history of Europe. It changed the social, political and cultural outlook of the countries involved, influenced the change in warfare, brought the end of feudalism closer. The first phase of this war is called the Edwardian War, and one of the most decisive engagements of this conflict was the battle of Crecy (1346). This series will have 5 videos, so don’t hesitate to like, subscribe and share. And if you want to support us, you can do it on Patreon: or Paypal:

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This video was narrated by our good friend Officially Devin. Check out his channel for some kick-ass Let’s Plays.

The Machinimas for this video is created by one more friend – Malay Archer. Check out his channel, he has some of the best Total War machinimas ever created:

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Inspired by: BazBattles, Invicta (THFE), Epic History TV, Historia Civilis and Time Commanders

Machinimas made on the Total War: Attila engine using the great Medieval Kingdoms mod.

Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound:

Songs used:

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  1. Ok, let me level with you: "The French surrendered" meme is unfunny. Don't force me to dedicate this channel exclusively to the French victories. 🙂 Jokes aside, thank you very much for your support, guys, we love you.

  2. Let's face it … the French were essentially up against the English who were at this time a mix of Anglo Saxon – Brythonic Celts, Dane Viking and more recently Norman ( ie Vikings ) blood lines. It was always going to be a tough day at the office.

  3. Philippe VI was the son of Charles de Valois , not Louis d'Evreux, who was the father of Philippe III of Navarre (Charles the bad's father) they were both Philippe IV's brothers but Louis was the youngest and Charles the middle brother

  4. Still no mention of the ditch on the french right flank. If one actually goes to the battle site, there is a large 15 ft ditch on the right that effected the advance. The site was not chosen by accident. Xx

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