How did the Vikings horrifically end Edmund the Martyr’s reign? 😮


🚩 A clip from the Battle of Ashdown (871), see the full video here:

#shorts #fyp #history #documentary #ww2

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  1. There is a marker at Hoxne in Suffolk. Where once stood the tree that they supposedly tied him too. Before he was shot with arrows and beheaded by ivar. Really interesting stuff.

  2. Doesn’t matter how he died only what he died for. We all die and unless it’s in your sleep when you’re old then it means you died some terrible way.

  3. If that was all they did, they let him off easy. Here's another approach the Vikings were know to take:
    1) break all peripheral bones, then
    2) cut out strips of flesh, then
    3) garrotte until near dead, then
    4) throw onto an open fire, then
    5) throw in a ditch and leave for dead (which will be true in the near future, if not in the recent past).

    They had to be pretty annoyed before doing this, though.

  4. I was expecting the famous blood eagle but I see History Marche continue to present respectful quality work -blood eagles very probably never worked on a living soul… Edmund, the new Saint Sebastian!

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