How did Barbarians conquer Rome?


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🚩In 450 AD, Attila the Hun invaded the West. By this time, the collapse of the Roman Empire was already 100 years in the making. But the famous general Aetius brought Rome back from the brink in the battle of the Catalaunian Plains, in 451 AD.

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  1. Yeah, we beated the Huns.
    But after that, enough wars.
    Mountains of corpses, rivers of blood, soil mixed with bones and weapons and armors reduced to pieces scattered across the whole Empire.
    That was the time romans became italians and started searching for something better than just a military victory.
    First was religious power, then economic power, then again cultural power, and ultimately scientific power.
    Ancient Romans would have put in shame by Italian efforts of turning this world into a civilized, better place where to live.
    After all, we made this world on the ruins of the Roman world.

  2. Something not talked about by historians is many Roman citizens welcomed a change in management.
    A Greek which joined the Huns claimed life with the Huns was better than under Roman rule, something modern politicians should take note of.
    Roman citizens couldn't train with weapons or own their own weapons and armour, they paid high taxes, had a large welfare state, and very little justice unless you were wealthy.

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