How China lost Central Asia in one day ❗❗ ⚔


🚩 A clip from our video Battle of Talas, 217 BC. See the full video here:

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  1. From what I recall, wasn't this battle incredibly unimportant? Like neither side was really dedicated to a war or expansion into the other making this more of a border skirmish than anything

  2. this battle was more like 2 guy meet each other and become friend , this 2 Empire just test each other strong army but they both know if they go war each other then they would collapse because of the huge territory and rebellion so they instead go trade and share positive behaviour

  3. (History Marche) channel always selecting decisively battles which changing regional dominant between foes for favorite of one of them 🤔…Chinese dominant leftover that region for Abassed favorite amongst several foes Ancient tribe's

  4. Huge L for not just the Chinese but the world for this religion of Peace to win and spread their cancer. Imagine if Central Asia was Buddhist or Confucius instead of men who marry an 8 year old and have 12 sons for the next Jihad.

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