How a disorganized attack can fall apart…


🚩 A clip from our video Battle of Dunbar (1296), part 1 of the Anarchy series. See the full video here:

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  1. I get why you'd run tho, you're all pumped up and then you and your entire group of war buddies have to stop, slowly descend a ravine, look around to see the entire army just waiting around for people to get their footing, and then the English just appear over the hill and charge you in that state. It's probably best to just leave.

  2. I see several comments about only a single knight dying; I think they should have explained that knights were the elite soldiers of a medieval army, they also had a significant number of levied infantrymen with them

    It’s likely that several times more of them died, but only the death of a noble knight was recorded by the primary sources

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