History Summarized: The Ottoman Empire


Leave it to the furniture boys to pioneer a Comfort-First attitude towards Imperialism.
Join Blue in investigating the history of the Ottoman empire, and find out why “The Sick Man of Europe” is more than their nickname implies.

Further reading: Osman’s Dream by Caroline Finkel

Famous Turkish Song — Gunduz Gece: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2UcbHrcFN7c

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  1. I am of the mind that the Ottoman Empire was the single greatest empire. Not just because it was one of the biggest, and a long lasting empire, but it started as the most technologically advanced civilization and ended as the least.

  2. It was meant to happen there cousin's the HUNS had come bout 5 hundred years earlier so the turks just came to finish the job an a job well done it was all about the apple

  3. fuck the ottomans, they killed everyone that doesnt convert to their religion, tradition and language. And they dont care about kids women or older people. This was an empire that only brought nothing for the world except cruelty and despair.

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